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“Chiropractor Dr. Klenk was very professional and made me feel comfortable. He also didn’t have any trouble straightening out the couple of kinks I had – checked me over pretty thoroughly including my hips, back and neck, told me how they could all impact my neck and also gave me some tips how to try to avoid hurting myself next time. I’m very pleased how much better I feel, so I probably won’t need to go back soon, but will definitely go back if I have more problems down the road.” – eeryker




“I had some issues before going to see Dr. Klenk, he worked every one of them out and made me feel much much much better. He is very easy going and friendly. I will continue to go there.” – megknight




“Chiropractor  Brodie Klenk is just the best chiropractic doc around. Honest, caring and funny, Dr. Klenk is there when you need him. Having back pain is no fun but at this clinic you feel you are being treated fairly and that help is on the way. The doc has a variety of special machines to help stave off deeper problems and can also help direct you when it comes to supplements and exercise. I wish I didn’t have to take care of back issues but at least I have found an office with integrity and clarity of purpose.”

– Anne Marie S.




“I had been suffering from chronic headaches for years when I went into Chiropractor Dr. Klenk’s office for the first time. I hold all of my stress in my neck and there was no end in sight. After just a few adjustments the pain stopped. I go back every few months to keep my body healthy and straight. Great guy, great practice.” – Cayla S.

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